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The Ten Costliest US Hurricanes

The Ten Costliest US Hurricanes

The Ten Worst Hurricanes As Measured By Cost
(all figures are in adjusted dollars)

Note that as coastal populations and property building continue to increase, damage figures also will increase. For example, Florida’s population in 1980 was around nine million. In 2017, its population is just over 20 million. Thus, any hurricane that hits will affect twice as many people, and presumably have twice the economic impact (Ceteris paribus). When the legendary 1935 Labor Day Hurricane hit, the state’s population was around one and a half million.

  1. Hurricane Katrina, August 2005. Louisiana
    1. The most destructive hurricane in US History caused an estimated $100 – $200 billion in damage.
  2. Hurricane Harvey, August  – September 2017
    1. The estimated economic impact currently stands at $50 billion
  3. Hurricane Irma, September  2017, Florida
    1. Estimates for damage are at $50 billion.
  4. Hurricane Andrew, August 24 – 28, 1992, Florida and Louisiana
    1. A Category 4 when it hit Florida, Hurricane Andrew hit Louisiana as a Category 3.
    2. Andrew caused an estimated $43.672 billion in damages.
  5. Hurricane Charley, August 13 – 14, 2004, Florida
    1. Although a relatively small hurricane, Charley was very intense, causing $15 billion in damage.
  6. Hurricane Ivan, September 16 – 24, 2004, Southeastern United States
    1. Hurricane Ivan hit Gulf Shores, Alabama on September 16, producing more than 100 tornados and flooding across the American southeast.
    2. The remnants of the storm hit the Delmarva Peninsula on the 18th, where it picked up speed, passed back down the coast, became a tropical storm again in the Gulf and then hit Louisiana as a tropical depression. Ivan left $14.2 billion in damage in its wake.
  7. Hurricane Hugo, September 22, 1989, Charleston, South Carolina
    1. A Category 4, Hurricane Hugo caused $12.25 billion in damages.
  8. Hurricane Agnes, June 19 – 25, 1972, South and North Eastern United States
    1. Although a Category 1, and at other times not even a hurricane at all, Agnes carved an $11.2 billion path of destruction from the Florida Panhandle to New York, New York. Most of the damage came from heavy rains.
  9. Hurricane Betsy, September 7 – 9, 1965, Southeast Florida, Southeast Louisiana
    1. Falling just short of being classified as a Category 5, Betsy struck the Florida Keys on the 7th, and New Orleans on the 9th.
    2. Flooding from the storm breached the levees in New Orleans, leaving the city flooded for ten days.
    3. Betsy is also called “Billion Dollar Betsy” because it was the first to cause a billion dollars in damage. In today’s dollars, the total would be $10.79 billion.
  10. Hurricane Frances, September 5, 2004, Florida
    1. Frances was a Category 2 that caused $8.9 billion in damage.
  11. Hurricane Camille, August 17 – 22, 1969, Mississippi, SE Louisiana, Virginia
    1. Camille, a Category 5, was the second most intense Hurricane ever to hit the United States.
    2. The final windspeed will never be known because all measuring devices were destroyed. Storm tides, winds, and flash flooding caused by the storm in West Virginia and Virginia caused $8.8 billion in damages.
  12. Hurricane Diane, August 17 – 19, 1955, Northeast coast from Virginia to New York
    1. Diane, along with her sister storm, Connie, which hit the same areas just five days earlier, caused $6.9 billion in damage.
    2. Most of the damage was caused by flooding.

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