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Worst Football Disasters

Worst Soccer/ Football Riots and Disasters

El Salvador and Honduras
July 14 – 18, 1969
3,000 Casualties
Known as the Football, or 100 hours war, this conflict was fought in the wake of rioting following the second round of qualifying for the 1970 FIFA World Cup. Honduras and El Salvador had previous border issues, but the matches were the proximate cause. Honduras suffered 2,100 military and civilian casualties, while El Salvador lost some 900.
Moscow, Russia
Oct. 20, 1982
340 Killed
Confusion caused by fans reentering the stadium and possible police misconduct lead to terrible losses.
Lima, Peru
May 24, 1964
318 Killed, 500 inujured
Sparked by a referee disallowing a goal by Peru in an Olympic Qualifying match
Sheffield, England
April 15, 1989
96 deaths
Fans are crushed to death when police open the gates and fans rush into the stadium
Guatemala City
October 16, 1996
78 killed, 180 injured.
Casualties occurred during a stampede before a World Cup qualifying match.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 23, 1968
74 killed, 150 injured
A blocked exit led to fans being crushed
Salvador, Brazil
March 4, 1971
4 dead, 1500 injured
A fight in the grandstands lead to 4 four deaths and 1,500 injuries

Cairo, Egypt
Feb. 1, 2012
at least 73 casualties
The deaths were the result of a riot following a match.

Glasgow, Scotland
Jan. 2, 1971
66 casualties, 140 injuries
Barriers in the stadium collapse when fans returning to a game collide with fans trying to exit.

Bradford, England
Mary 11, 1985
56 deaths
A wayward cigarette lights up a wooden grandstand.

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