Coldest and Warmest Days In the United States

Coldest and Warmest Days In the United States

As large as it is, the United States has been subject to an incredibly wide range of temperatures. Read on to discover the Coldest Temperatures recorded in United States History, the Coldest Day in Continental United States History, and the Warmest Day recorded in the United States.

Coldest Day In US History: -80 Degrees F. Its no surprise that the coldest temperatures recorded in US history were logged in Alaska. The record came on January 23, 1971, at Prospect Creek. It’s along the oil pipeline.

Coldest Day in Continental US History: -70 F. This was recorded January 20, 1954 at a mining camp in Montana called Rogers Pass.

Warmest Days in US History: 134 F. Recorded at the Greenland Ranch in Death Valley on July 10, 1913. For a time, this also was the warmest recorded temperature in World History. It was surpassed less than ten years later, however, when a temperature of 136 was recorded in the Sahara Desert at Al Azizia, Libya, on Sept. 13, 1922.

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